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About Me: For Lavender Lair

I became an adult in the 1970s, so I consider that The Golden Age Of Horror. But I love films from the 1920s on, and I still watch new ones, so you're liable to see anything reivewed here.

I love good films (my all-time favorite film is the original The Wicker Man). But I also love bad films (another of my favorites is The Horror Of Party Beach). I'm just as happy if I find something to laugh at as I am if I spend 90 minutes on the edge of my seat. The only thing I don't like is being bored. But sometimes the films I dislike are the most fun to write about.

As you can tell from the blog's title and subtitle, I'm a gay guy. I'm from a blue collar background. I'm from Philadelphia originally, but have lived for many years now in a small town in Central PA, near Hershey. My partner and I have been together since 1978. He's more into musicals than horror -- he does sound, among other things -- but he likes horror musicals (he's been soundman for Little Shop Of Horrors and Bat Boy, among other shows!)


Jack Veasey spent the seventies and eighties working as a journalist for such publications as The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Magazine, Pennsylvania Magazine, APPRISE, The Philadelphia City Paper, and The Cherry Hill Courier Post, and editing a number of periodicals in Philadelphia and New York, including The South St. Star, The Philadelphia Gay News, and FirstHand Magazine. His articles for the Philadelphia Gay News won two awards from the national Lesbian And Gay Press Association. He recently wrote an article on Walt Whitman's relationship with his longtime companion Peter Doyle that was syndicated to 40 periodicals nationwide by the Gay History Project.

His writings about horror films have appeared in places ranging from the webite Classic Horror to the NY Museum Of Modern Art's Film Library Quarterly.