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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I'm majorly bummed that "True Blood" has killed off Coot, a bad guy werewolf played by the gorgeous Grant Bowler. He had a hot "love scene" with series star Stephen Moyer when he abducted his character, Bill, and got a little too tempted by the allure of vampire blood while absconding with him in a sort of rough trade S & M scene.

Above is a scene to remember him by -- he's the one who tears off his shirt, steps out of his jeans, and wolfs out. OWOOOOOO!

R.I.P., Coot -- or better yet, come back as a naked ghost!


  1. Well at least we still have Alicde...but ya, Coot was a hot white trash werewolf!

  2. I am grateful for Alcide, but I saw a number of guys in that werewolf bar who piqued my interest. I like that blackhaired dude who tried to pick up Sookie too. Guess I was born to pick up trash... lucky for me I'm smart enough to confine it to fantasy!